"I wish I could have recorded the collective gasp of happiness when I first asked how it went. The singers loved having a “singer-oriented workshop,” and the non-singers loved having a workshop that was totally accessible to them. They found the messages really powerful and resonant."
“WOW! I feel like we just heard a TED talk. I’ve never heard someone talk about music like that.”
“Three months later, they are still singing the little song you taught them to remember the points you taught them. It has made a big difference in how they do their job and how they feel. Your workshop was the best training we had last year.”
“As a voice specialist, Erin brings her passion for all the possibilities of the human voice to empower listeners to use their voice to make a difference. Blending scientific research with music and anecdotes, her presentations are engaging, interactive, and applicable to all.”
“Erin made me want to do something! That was so inspiring.”
"We were still talking about this presentation two weeks later. You gave us tools that really made a difference."
“Her session was my favorite of the conference. I can’t wait to apply these ideas in my community.”
“Erin was so authentic and vulnerable. Her stories will stick with me for a long time.”
“…thankful for the inspiring session with Erin Guinup.”
“I told everyone that this was the session they wouldn’t want to miss and you certainly didn’t disappoint. We definitely want to bring you back next year.”


South Sound Women to Watch Awards


WILLO Storytelling Festival

Other Speaking Engagements have included:

• Chorus America National Conference, “Cultural Change as a Force for Political Change,” Philadelphia.
• American Choral Director’s Association National Conference, “Belting 101,” Kansas City.
• WE Day Youth Conference, “Use Your Voice to Make a Difference”
• National Race & Pedagogy Conference, “Building Community Through Music” and Youth Rally, “Use Your Voice to Make a Difference.”
• Lafayette Health Awareness Forum, “How Music Affects Us: The Neurochemistry of Music,” Victoria, BC.
• CHI Franciscan Leadership Retreat, “Your Voice is a Superpower”
• Amazon Distribution Centers, “Use Your Voice to Get Results”
• NATS National Conference Featured Pre-Conference Session, “Harnessing Music’s Superpowers to Heal, Change and Unite” and concurrent session, “Singing for a New World: How Voice Can Save the Culture,” Las Vegas.
• Federal Way Chamber of Commerce, “Networking: Using Your Voice to Build Relationships”
• Association for Popular Music Education National Conference, “Uniting Diverse Communities through Song.”