“I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you. From the first lesson you had me hooked...You have helped me see my progress and have given me all the tools I need for success. You brought acting and feeling into my singing, you smoothed out my break and brought me closer to my goals than I ever thought possible. Thank you for all your wonderful advice and positive reinforcement.”
- Natalie C.

“I don’t know how I would have gotten through high school without Erin. She helped me to sing and I owe so much of the joy I’ve experienced in my love for music to her. When I came to her as a shy insecure freshman, my voice needed way more help than I even realized- I might have destroyed it if I had kept the singing the way I was- but Erin took me under her wing and nurtured my voice even when it would insist on being stubborn. Studying with Erin taught me confidence and perseverance. She is a great friend and teacher and I knew every time I stepped into her studio that she would be sincerely interested in how I was doing. I’m going to miss her dearly as I go off to college.”
- Maria D.

Through the years I have come to admire Erin’s strength of character as a teacher, her great knowledge base concerning the musical world, and her own astounding performing abilities as a singer…As I have traveled, coaches and teachers alike have complemented my advanced technical abilities as a singer, and would ask me who had taught me these things. I realize that talent alone is not enough, and having a teacher with a critical ear who also thoroughly explains concepts is key to breaking new ground as a performer…It is refreshing to come each week to such an energetic teacher who obviously loves teaching and invests time, energy, and means to contribute to student’s growth, both in lessons and outside…Simply put, Erin is one of outstanding character and integrity. She is honest, reliable, forgiving, and caring, which are indispensable attributes in a teacher of any capacity. A mutual respect between teacher and student is easily fostered with Erin’s fun personality and kind nature. This list of positive attributes is but the beginning to understanding the impact she has on a student’s self esteem. I plan to emulate her in the future not only in teaching capacities, but also in more personal aspects as well.
-Emily B.