About Erin Guinup

Erin Guinup has appeared with Northwest Sinfonietta, Tacoma Opera, Northwest Repertory Singers, Ensign Symphony & Chorus and Tacoma Concert Band with diverse repertoire including Handel's Messiah, La TraviataSound of Music, andBeauty and the Beast.  She co-wrote and performs "The Ladies of Lyric and Song: Female Composers and Lyricists of the American Musical Theatre” which has toured nationally and recently presented a recital featuring music written by composers and lyricists to which she is related titled "Songs of my Ancestral Roots."  Ms. Guinup is also a composer, conductor and director and directed the world premiere and studio recordings of Mark Mitchell & Orson Scott Card’s He is There as well as productions of Pirates of Penzance, Hairspray and Rob Gardner’s Lamb of God.  Her voice students have won state solo contests and appeared on European opera stages, Broadway and national musical tours and television’s The Voice and American Idol.  She recently began offering a course to businesses called “Musically Spoken” incorporating singing principles into workplace communication.  Her proudest accomplishment is her family.
Some other fun but unimportant facts about me:
I love being outside. Feel free to invite me along for a hike, kayak trip or other outdoor adventure.
My kids say I post on Facebook too much. Feel free to friend me there or follow me on Twitter and Instagram (which I don’t post to nearly as much) or subscribe to my channel on YouTube (pretty please).
I have successfully burnt hard-boiled eggs….more than once.
I enjoy working out and taking boxing and yoga classes. 
I love Family History and have found that I'm distantly related to Samuel Barber, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Walt Disney, Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley, as well as several US Presidents. (Who are you related to? Check out familysearch.org and relativefinder.org)
I'm a Mormon (LDS) and my faith is very important to me.  To learn more, check out mormon.org
I have a sister who looks like my identical twin but is actually 7 years younger than me and she is a brilliant photographer. Check her work out at KatHennessey.com.
The rest of my family is equally awesome and my life is better because of them.