It's hard not to love people when you sing together, so let's use our voice to make the world better.

I believe we all can use our voice to make a difference.  Our voice is intrinsically linked to who we are as human beings and using that voice as we speak and sing gives us the opportunity to make our lives and the world a better place. 
As a singer, I have experienced transcendent moments as voices use their strength and conviction to unite together.  So often people have been told that they can't sing and this limiting belief has then deprived them of joy and the immense benefits of using our full voice.  Joy in singing is not dictated by our ability!  Saying you can't sing is like saying I can't cook dinner just because I'm not a professional chef.   

If you can speak, you can sing and if you can move, you can groove. 

I find joy in helping people discover their voice and am fascinated by the range of possibilities with the human voice and how it applies directly to our everyday lives.  I use my experience as a musician to help refugees and marginalized voices amplify their stories with the Tacoma Refugee Choir, help professionals use their voice to increase confidence and authority to advance their career goals through Executive Vocal Coaching, and speak to groups about how music can be harnessed to heal, change and unite our communities.  I believe all voices have merit and that learning to use our voice effectively can help us present the very best of ourselves.  
I love helping people discover their power and their unique voice.  Whether this is literally getting people singing or improving their singing or speaking voice or helping people understand the power of their voice and how they can use their voice to positively impact others, I want to empower those I work with to be their best selves regardless of the hurdles they face.

Sad stories can be rewritten where fear ends and hope begins.

If you want to know more about why I do what I do, this video of a speech for WILLO offers some insights and personal background on the challenges I have faced and the love that drives my work to help others discover their voice and be heard.  

Music can't change the world but music changes people and people change the world.